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My Expo Plan

IWCE recommends planning ahead to maximize your experience at the show. You can log in today to create your Expo Plan online. Details are below for the online Expo Planner.

Your Expo Plan will allow you to determine the exhibitors you wish to visit on the show floor. Take a few moments to enter your information and generate an E-Code. Then you can build your own personalized list of booths to visit. When you’re ready to go to the show, print out your personalized exhibitor list and take it with you.

There are Several Steps you must take to build your My Expo Plan.

  1. Create a profile and it will generate an E-Code. Use this to login.
  2. Create a personalized Exhibitor List by accessing the Exhibitor List and selecting the exhibitor using the check box and then at the bottom of the page, clicking the button at the bottom of the page to Add to My Expo Plan.
  3. Access the interactive floor plan and once logged in, print out your list along with the floor plan map.
Get started by clicking Login below to begin!

My Exhibitor List

Once you are logged in below, click on the Exhibitor List button to being reviewing the different booths that are of interest to you. Scroll through the exhibitors and select the check box on the left and at the bottom of each page, confirm the selection by clicking on Save to My Expo Plan - My Exhibitor List.
If you have already finalized your exhibitor List, click here or My Exhibitor List below to review the list and also to access our personalized maps of the show floor. You will need to access the show floor map to be able to print out a customized map and exhibitor list.

Access Map

You can also directly access our Show Event Map and build a My Exhibitor List by clicking here (you will need to login using your E-code once you open the map). After you have accessed the Event Map, you will be able to add and remove exhibitors from your personalized list and then print out an Exhibitor List as well as maps of the show floor.


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If your abstract is accepted and you confirm your participation, you will have committed to present this session, and all the preparation that it entails. In return, IWCE agrees to promote you, your company and your presentation to its attendees through a vast promotional campaign. Both you and IWCE have made a promise to our attendees to deliver the session as published, including the topic and the speaker. Speakers will be required to provide handouts for the conference six (6) weeks prior to the event in electronic format for the online Conference Proceedings. Handouts are an essential component of a quality educational program and serve as future reference material.


It is imperative that your presentation is not a sales pitch for you or your company. No IWCE speaker may use a conference session for commercial sales pitches, self promotion or unfair criticism of a competitor. If it is determined that a speaker presented a sales pitch, that company and speaker will be excluded from future events. Vendors submitting an abstract are strongly encouraged to feature case studies involving their end users.


All abstracts are reviewed on the basis of applicability, originality, conference needs and speaker qualifications. Decisions and selections will begin after the deadline. Notifications will begin in August.

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