Mission-Critical LTE

LTE is the next best technology, but how does it fit into critical communications. Whether you’re public safety, a utility or transportation professional, examine the implications of transitioning from LMR to LTE, where voice fits in the picture and what can be done in rural areas to provide the same coverage.

  • Transition from LMR to LTE
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    Speaker: Andrew Seybold, CEO and Principal Analyst, Andrew Seybold, Inc

    Hear industry leader Andrew Seybold discuss the transition from LMR and LTE for critical communications. Understand the pros and cons of LTE for both data and voice, where LTE networks are best used right now, and examine how using a multi-network architecture to roll out a new network while keeping your critical systems operational may be your best option in the interim. 
  • MCPTT and Voice over LTE Equipment Needs
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    Speakers: Emil Olbrich, President, Primelime LLC
    Mike Newburn, Wireless and Radio Solutions Manager, Fairfax County, Virginia

    What equipment will change with the new LTE network? Examine which new or upgraded equipment will be necessary as you transition, including the impact on handheld devices, command centers, in-vehicle equipment, and accessories. Understand what you can continue to use, what you will you need to change, and what you can buy now and upgrade later. 
  • Rural and Last Mile Considerations
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    Speaker: Griff Griffin, Network Operations Manager, West Central Wireless
    Many countries have rural and undeveloped areas where cellular, RF and broadband service is non-existent. And there are places where LTE coverage isn’t cost-effective to implement. Review the options and alternatives for reliable wireless in large rural expanses.