Nationwide Public Safety Broadband Network (FirstNet)

The Nationwide Public Safety Broadband Network, or FirstNet, is moving closer to full fruition. But some questions still remain. Examine the use of deployable networks for FirstNet, the continuing implications of who participates in the network and the state of the State plans for their upcoming networks.

  • Bring the Network With You
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    Moderator: Donny Jackson, IWCE's Urgent Communications
    Panelists: Dr. Walt Magnussen, Director for Telecommunications, Texas A&M University
    Steve Kropper, Vice President, Parallel Wireless
    Shing H. Lin, Director, Public Safety Technology Services, Harris County CTS

    Used to extend coverage, where do deployable networks fit in with FirstNet?  What are the different options available for a network you can carry with you?  And discuss what the implications are for states and local governments, such as who gets to own the equipment?  Several recent trials, such as the political conventions, have showcased how FirstNet-ready pop up networks can increase and extend network coverage and capacity. 
  • Opt in / Opt out
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    Moderator: Donny Jackson, IWCE's Urgent Communications
    Panelists: Dominick Arcuri, Principal, DVA Consulting LLC
    John Stevens, Statewide Interoperability Coordinator, New Hampshire Department of Public Safety
    Chris Moore, Head of Business Development, Rivada Networks

    Discuss the ramifications of deploying your own RAN or having FirstNet build it for the state. Examine the legal, technical, financial and operational ramifications of a state opting out, and explore the process that an opt-out state must take in order to receive approval of their alternative state RAN plan.
  • State of the States
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    Moderator: Robert LeGrande II, Founder and CEO, The Digital Decision LLC
    Panelists: Shelley Westall, SPOC, Washington State
    Ryan Burchnell, Director, Alabama Law Enforcement Agency

    Joe Galvin, Illinois SWIC Illinois Law Enforcement Alarm System, Illinois Terrorism Taskforce
    Bradley Stoddard,  Director, Michigan's Public Safety Communications System (MPSCS), State of Michigan

    Hear from several states about the development of their deployment plan for FirstNet.  Examine how some states are handling educating governors, state officials, public safety and citizens about FirstNet and the opportunities/challenges that it presents.  Review the processes involved in the draft plans for the states as well.