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Call for Speakers and Session Topics: Deadline Extended, Friday September 9

Do you have an idea for an engaging 60-minute panel discussion or 30-minute power session?  Please review instructions and submit your proposal here. 

Are you interested in being considered as an “expert speaker” for an IWCE curated panel discussion? If so, please review instructions and submit your qualifications here. 

Before you submit, please review the topic areas that we will be talking about at IWCE 2023

What are we looking for?

The IWCE Advisory Board seeks submissions from critical communications leaders in public safety and enterprise, policy makers, incident commanders, hardware and software developers, cybersecurity experts and thought leaders to share what works, what should change and where the future of critical communications is headed. The audience is always eager to hear the details of a real-world case study. Or a discussion including a variety of viewpoints on a Panel Session. We focus on diversity of voice, experience and perspective. 

Please see our list of Tracks and the corresponding topics below. Your topic might fit into more than one track. You will have the opportunity to select two tracks relevant to your topic during the submission process. 

Who is our Audience?

If wireless communications are important to you, you need to attend IWCE! 

IWCE’s conference focuses on the communications challenges faced by professionals in the first-responder and critical-infrastructure sectors, such as public safety, government, utilities, transportation and healthcare. End-user attendees also are joined by decision makers, from elected officials, policy makers and administrative staff to engineers and consultants/professional services personnel.

Communications companies, hardware manufacturers and software developers are among the solution providers typically present at the event, as well as the dealer/product-distribution channel that support these vendors. 

What should my proposal look like?

The main crux of the proposal is an approximately 300-word synopsis of what the talk will be about and what IWCE attendees will take away from your presentation. Please share all relevant information and supporting materials. 

In addition, submitters will need to provide website details like: what the presentation will be called/the title, the format, what track it will cover, along with a speaker bio and other website descriptions.  

See track topics below. Use key words in your session description so that if your proposal is accepted, we will be able to tag it appropriately. 

Conference Tracks 2023


Broadband and LMR 

  • On-network solutions: LMR, LTE, 5G.  
  • Off-network solutions: direct mode, mesh networks, vehicle based 
  • Ad-hoc networking: “Bring the network with you”  
  • Disaster comms  
  • Government initiatives: FirstNet, Safe-Net, Broadway, ESN 


  • Next-generation 911  
  • Cloud-based solutions  
  • Location-based solutions  
  • How tech can help address operational challenges  
  • Analytics  
  • Consolidation: Physical, virtual or not at all 


  • Voice Interoperability / Interworking  
  • Data Interoperability  
  • Interoperability vs. Security - can we have both?  
  • Technical, Operational and Legal challenges and options. 


  • GEO, MEO, LEO  
  • PTT, Phone, Data, Video 
  • Receiver (dish) based connectivity  
  • Backhaul 
  • Direct to device 


In-building Wireless 

  • Public Safety: LMR/LTE/5G - Fixed systems like BDAs, DAS, etc
  • In-building solutions for the public to call 911 
  • Location-based solutions 
  • Sensor-based IoT/Smart Buildings 
  • Policy matters with local governments 

System Resiliency 

  • Physical hardening  
  • Power alternatives  
  • Access redundancy   
  • Redundant Backhaul 
  • Cybersecurity/software assurity 


Policy and Governance Issues  

  • Spectrum Coordination  
  • Sharing and Interference  
  • Funding  
  • Siting concerns  
  • Data ownership/access  
  • Establishing mutual-aid/interoperability relationships 


  • Cybersecurity – includes operational security, the human element  
  • Physical Security – includes operational security, the human element   


Cloud v. On-premise   

  • On-premise pros and cons  
  • Centralized cloud options  
  • Edge-cloud / fog options  
  • Remote-work alternatives—temporary and long-term implications  
  • Redundant Centers 

Situational Awareness 

  • Video: Fixed, vehicle-mounted and body-worn cameras/platform  
  • Drones and Robotics  
  • Internet of Things/Internet of Public-Safety Things  
  • Extended Reality (XR): Augmented Reality (AR), Virtual Reality (VR), Artificial intelligence (AI) 
  • Alerting 

Smart-X & IoT   

  • Smart Cities, Smart Grids, Smart Buildings 
  • Connectivity & Sensor options 
  • Challenges associated with linking IT and OT systems  
  • Processing data from myriad sensors  
  • Smart X security/cybersecurity issues 

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Why be a speaker at IWCE 2023? Some of the many benefits include:

  • Complimentary registration for an All Access Pass (All acess pass includes 4 full days of technical content, General Sessions w/Keynotes, Expo, Welcome Reception. Does not include ETA Training)
  • Access to digital recordings of all conference content
  • Speaker meal card for LVCC concessions for 4 days
  • Speaker Work Room with coffee breaks
  • Your name and presentation featured in our conference program and website
  • Registration discount code for you to provide to your network (20%)
  • Social media asset with your photo to promote your speakership with IWCE 2023
  • An opportunity to contribute to IWCE’s sister publication IWCE’s Urgent Communications

If you have questions about the submitting a topic or speaker, please email Erin LeMoine

ETA's Education Forum will return to IWCE 2023

Co-located with IWCE 2023, ETA Internataional will provide training classes through outside vendors in popular technology areas related to ETA certification. Check back soon for details.