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Education, Technical Training and Inspiration

IWCE’s conference program delivers expert strategy, real-world insights and solutions on the wide-ranging technologies you need for your critical communications system. Whether you work at an agency, enterprise or in public service, the IWCE conference provides you with the education and guidance you need for this rapidly changing world.

IWCE is the only gathering of the year to bring together all the stakeholders in public safety, government, emergency management/disaster response, utilities, transportation, healthcare and other critical-infrastructure sectors to network, learn and explore how the convergence of critical technology changes how they operate in critical communications.

A Special Thank You to Our 2023 Conference Track Sponsors:

Interoperability Track: Verizon Frontline

In-Building Wireless Track: Avari Wireless

Broadband Track and IoT, Smart-X & AI Tracks: T-Mobile for Government

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2023 Conference Topics

911 & Dispatch

 Learn how dispatch centers are transitioning from voice-centric systems to IP-based platforms that accept data and video, including next-generation 911 (NG911). 

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Identify opportunities to leverage wireless broadband technologies—protocols like 5G, LTE and Wi-Fi 6, as well as backhaul solutions via fiber, microwave and satellite—to address a host of critical use cases. 

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Cloud Connectivity

Learn how cloud solutions—whether hosted in a central location or on the edge of the network—can complement or replace traditional on-premise systems while addressing security and connectivity challenges. 

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Experts share how to secure critical infrastructure from the growing threat of cyberattacks—via both prevention and post-event mitigation—even as the increasingly interconnected systems provides hackers with a much broader landscape to launch attacks. 

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In-Building Wireless

Discover what the future holds to support critical communications inside of structures—both in the broadband and LMR arenas—and what initiatives are being pursued to make such solutions ubiquitous. 

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Learn how disparate communications solutions—from LMR to IoT and broadband—can be connected while meeting critical benchmarks for reliability, security and performance. 

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IoT, Smart-X, and AI

Examine how sensor-based data can be obtained, secured and processed in real time to enable the quickest and most effective responses possible in myriad sectors, from public safety and utilities to healthcare and smart buildings. 

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Learn about the latest enhancements to P25, TETRA, DMR, NXDN and other land-mobile-radio technologies, including insights about they can be used in conjunction with broadband solutions. 

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Policy and Governance

Get the latest information about some of the hottest policy debates, including spectrum bands like 4.9 GHz, NG911 funding efforts, and potential regulations regarding receiver

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Discover how LEO, MEO and GEO satellites can provide transformative critical connectivity, as backhaul solutions or in the latest frontier: satellite-direct-to-cell-phone service. 

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Situational Awareness

Hear about the best tools and procedures to accurately identify the location and conditions of an incident and available assets for a response, whether the issue is a public-safety emergency or an enterprise-level event. 

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System Resiliency

 Learn how to make communications systems that continue to function in even the most difficult circumstances via techniques like physical hardening, redundant connectivity, and robust security and cybersecurity measures. 

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Special Thanks to the IWCE Track Chairs

Paul Bremner

Principal Analyst, Public Safety & Critical Communications, Omdia

Margo Deckard

COO, Lynk Global, Inc. 

Ildefonso De La Cruz Morales

Principal Analyst, Government & Manufacturing Critical Communications, Omdia 

John Foley

Managing Director, Safer Buildings Coalition

Donny Jackson

Editor, IWCE's Urgent Communications

Doug Mohney

Editor-in-Chief, Fiber Forward magazine

Ken Rehbehn

Principal Analyst, CritComm Insights

Alan Tilles

Counsel, Alan Tilles Law

Christy Williams

911 Director, North Central Texas Emergency Communications District (NCT9-1-1)

ETA Training

Since 2015, IWCE has partnered with ETA International to offer in-person, interactive and lecture technical training courses in 11 different disciplines. Your registration for any ETA Training course also includes access to the IWCE Expo Hall. Visit the ETA Training page for more details.