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Dr. William Bailey Jr.

Safety Compliance/Training Facilitator
Dave Tomasch Inc.


William “Bill” Bailey began his electronics career when he entered the United States Navy. After completing AFTA and AVI-C7 electronic training, he also received metrology training. As a calibration/repair technician, he honed his skills repairing various items of precision measurement equipment (PME). Upon advancing, he assumed responsibilities as a Calibration Lab Supervisor, and managed all aspects of calibration/repair services provided to fleet units. As a naval electronics instructor, he taught Micro/Miniature (2M) Solder Repair and certified fleet 2M solder technicians. He taught radar fundamentals associated with airborne moving target indicator (AMTI) radar systems. As an Atlantic Fleet Avionics evaluator, he was responsible for program compliance, safety, administration, and quality of avionic maintenance programs. Upon military retirement, he began teaching math and electronics at ITT Technical Institute, where he became Chair of the School of Electronic Technology at the Indianapolis campus. Currently, he serves as an adjunct professor at Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University World Wide Campus. Other accomplishments: FCC Radio Operator/repair License (radar endorsement), Master 2M solder repair Instructor; certified ISO 9000 lead auditor; FAA licensed commercial pilot; holds a Master of Aeronautics Science (MAS), and a PhD in Applied Management/Organizational Research.