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JB Groves FOI

Instructor of Computer Science
Wharton County Junior College


Mr. Groves was born in Ft. Worth Texas. He began working with computers in 1973 at Wharton County Junior College (an IBM 1130 minicomputer). He was probably the “last of the Mohicans” to work with IBM punched card accounting machines during his tenure in the Data Processing Service Division at The Prudential Insurance Company where he started as a stock clerk and rose to computer operations supervisor in six and one half years. The computing platform he supported was an IBM mainframe (370/155).
In 1981 he went to work for Baker Packers (Baker Oil Tools) as a Leadman6 (WWII title) which was a lead computer operator. He supervised the LAN cabling for both copper and fiber in 1991 when the company “real sized” from a series of IBM enterprise mainframes to an AS/400 mid-range platform, Novell servers, and eventually Windows NT servers. He served on two project teams for Baker Hughes Incorporated; The BEST Project and Project Renaissance where he helped design the Baker Hughes data center. He served on the SAP Tivoli team that migrated the Broken Arrow, Oklahoma plant to SAP from Houston.
He has been a computer science instructor and electronics instructor for Wharton County Junior College since 1999. He holds an Associate degree from WCJC, a Bachelor’s and Master’s degree from The University of Houston College of Technology at the Main Campus. He is ABD for a PhD in Information Technology in Science from Texas A&M University. He has 16 certifications in the areas Fiber Optics, PC Hardware, Networking, Security, and others.
He is a published author in the fields of Fiber Optics, Smart Home Technologies, and STEM education. He serves the Electronics Technicians Association in several capacities which guides his professional life. His current research and certification interest are VLC (Visible Light Communications), Li-Fi (Light Fidelity), and AWS Cloud certifications.