Network Infrastructure Webinar Series

TInfrastructure is the backbone for communications systems, providing the connectivity to ensure that your network is always connected, always on. New generations of infrastructure products and equipment are changing the technology landscape, providing enhanced coverage where there was none before (or not enough). From the tower and antenna to the individual to machines, from the densified cities to the wide open spaces, wireless infrastructure ensures you can communicate whenever you need to.

In-Building Coverage

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Moderator: Jeff Hipchen, Board President, Safer Buildings Coalition 
Panelists: Alex Chua, Director, Product Management and Business Development, Keysight Technologies Inc.
Steve Marzolf, ISP Director, 911 & GIS, Virginia Information Technologies Agency
John Facella, P.E., C.Eng., Panther Pines Consulting, LLC
Kevin Persing, Western Regional Manager, Cobham Wireless

Learn about the requirements for indoor coverage, how it is designed and deployed, the equipment that is needed, and hear real-life examples of its need and use. Panelists will explore a wide variety of in-building applications and infrastructure options, as well as discussing general communications issues inside buildings, confined spaces and underground such as subways. Examine the needs of consumers, public safety and smart cities in this arena, as well as regulations—from FCC rules to local building and fire codes—that promise to impact the needs and economics associated with the in-building sector during the next few years.

Understanding 5G

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Moderator: Chris Pearson, President, 5G Americas
Panelists: Emil Olbrich, President, Primelime LLC, and Trainer,
Scott Peabody, Senior Consultant, ADCOMM Engineering
Wayne Wong, Product Manager, Anritsu Company

What EXACTLY is 5G? Everyone still seems to be trying to figure out where this next-generation technology platform will fit into a broader picture of wireless connectivity. In this webinar, we will examine the 5G landscape—the technology itself, the spectrum it will leverage, as well as the amount of sites and backhaul needed. In addition, panelist will discuss the amazing products that 5G will enable—for example, drones, wearables, connected cars, augmented reality and Internet of Things (IoT) devices—and the security issues that need to be addressed in an enterprise or mission-critical environment.

Alternative Wireless Sites for Increased Coverage: From ‘Boomer’ Towers to HetNets to Mobile Cell Sites/Drones

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Moderator: Earl Lum, President, EJL Wireless Research
Panelists: Andrew Seybold, CEO and Principal Analyst, Andrew Seybold, Inc.
Kashif Hussain, Director of Marketing, Viavi
James Zik, Vice President, Product Management and Marketing, PCTEL RF Solutions

Increasing coverage and connectivity has become challenge in the wireless world, whether the environment is indoors, in a dense urban environment or in a sparsely populated rural area with little or no backhaul options. Panelists will examine the permanent, temporary and mobile options for each of these situations, highlighting the technical and economic issues associated with each.