FirstNet Webinar Series

The nationwide public safety broadband network coordinated by FirstNet and its partner are moving forward at a rapid pace.  Much will be decided by the end of 2017, so get an update on what you need to know.  Pricing, offering, state decisions, local influence and what the cities need are all discussed in these three webinars

What’s FirstNet’s Deal?  The Value Proposition for Public Safety

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Moderator: Donny Jackson, Editor, IWCE's Urgent Communications
David Buchanan, Director of Consultation, FirstNet
Scott Edson, Executive Director, LA-RICS
Todd Early, TxDPS Deputy Assistant Director, Texas Department of Public Safety

What are the basics of the FirstNet deal?  Hear some of the basics that all states can take advantage of – the solution, the timing and the technology.   Also discuss what you need to know to be best informed as decisions are made in your state.

What Else Do You Need to Make a Decision about FirstNet at This Point?

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Moderator: Dominic Arcuri, Principal, DVA Consulting  LLC
Ray Lehr, Chief Public Safety Consulting, Clear Management
Joe Ross, Partner, Televate
Gregg Toback, Senior Field Sales Manager, Anritsu Company

Final state plans are due by end of September so we’re almost at the deadline, so what else do you need at this point?  What haven’t you thought of that might influence the situation before a final decision is made?  If you’re at the state level, are there any other details you need?  If you’re at the local level, can you still influence the decision?  

Getting to the Local Level – Reaching the Cities and Counties

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Moderator:  Robert LeGrande, II., Founder, The Digital Decision, LLC
Don Denning, Manager, DELTAWRX
Kashif Hussain, Director of Marketing, Viavi
Holly Caudill, Administrative Officer, Statewide Radio Network Division, Pennsylvania State Police

Now that a decision has been made, the deployment of broadband will be largely at the city and county level.  Understand technical, financial and operational needs and wants, wishes and necessities for all the different departments that are included in FirstNet’s rollout.