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IWCE's Product Showcase offers a look at the latest, most innovative technologies in the critical communications industry. Be sure to select your favorites ahead of time so you can plan your visit and check them out. 

The Product Showcase will be located onsite by the entrance of the Exhibit Hall. Registered attendees can also view the Digital Product Showcase on Swapcard, the chosen digital event platform of IWCE 2022. 


The DuraComm PSDA-MU1 Annunciator provides visual and audible alarms at the installed location of a BDA system. This annunciator is designed to monitor NFPA 72 IDC Circuits and report the status to a Fire alarm panel via Form C relay contacts. It also provides remote monitoring via Ethernet. 

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ESChat ( is the leading solution for carrier independent Secure Push to Talk (PTT) over broadband. ESChat includes AES-256 encrypted PTT voice and multimedia (text and image) messaging. ESChat also provides live and historical (bread crumb) tracking and mapping. ESChat is approved for U.S. military operational use by the Defense Information Systems Agency ("DISA"). ESChat is a FirstNet Certified™ solution and enhanced by Quality of Service, Priority, and Preemption ("QPP") available to FirstNet subscribers. ESChat also supports Quality of Service ("QoS") and RAN priority enhancements on the Verizon Wireless and AT&T commercial networks.

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Freedom an Astronics Company

The Freedom R8200 from Astronics Test Systems represents a major step in the evolution of the Land Mobile Radio service monitor. The R8200 combines comprehensive digital and analog LMR testing with the ability to measure important RF network characteristics such as Return Loss, VSWR and Phase. The R8200 is also capable of displaying RF parameters in a Smith Chart for more complicated network analysis and save traces for detailed examination.

With the R8200’s 6GHz Vector Network Analyzer (VNA), two-way radio technicians can carry one portable instrument to handle both subscriber and infrastructure maintenance, making their job easier and freeing space in the van or on the bench. Organizations can save thousands of dollars and potentially much more by combining two instruments into one. And while it is a completely new, high-specification, premium platform, the R8200 can be purchased with the knowledge that it is backed by the world-class service and technical support capabilities of Astronics Test Systems – the same company that produces the industry-leading R8100 and R8000 communications analyzers.

Like all of our LMR test products, the R8200 can accept up to 150W of RF power without the need for an external attenuator. The product is also equipped with several high-end features that are added-cost options on the R8000 and R8100, including our Remote Front Panel options which enables users to operate the unit from any networked PC and our unique Process Automation Toolkit (PAT) which allows technicians to automate repetitive tests without having to know a programming language.

Saving money and making the technician’s life easier – the next generation of LMR test instruments from Astronics Test Systems.

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The Sentinel IP Radio Gateway represents the next generation of analog to IP conversion solutions. Optimized for operation at remote sites with IP connectivity. The Sentinel interfaces 2/4/6 wire radios to your IP network for audio communication. The Sentinel can connect to and control base stations using local PTT/COR connections. Other control mechanisms can be supported, with additional ports available to control radio units using RJ45, USB, or Ethernet. The Sentinel can control up to two (2) base stations per controller using a single IP connection with TCP/IP for control, and RTP/UDP/IP for voice streaming.


The Sentinel IP Radio Gateway operates on an embedded open-source Linux operating system. This allows for flexibility to modify the Sentinel for just about any job you can imagine for your site. Utilizing Linux ensures continued support through the latest critical security updates for years to come. Taking advantage of modern technology, the Sentinel is equipped with a quad-core, 64-bit ARM-based processor operating at 1.2GHz. Combining this with 1GB SDRAM and expandable eMMC flash memory up to 32GB ensures the Sentinel has the power available to meet your needs today and well into the future. In situations when more than two base stations require control, or higher redundancy is desired, simply deploy multiple Sentinel gateways into your system. 


The Sentinel IP Radio Gateway is easily integrated with your existing dispatch system. With the capability of bridging and operating in parallel with other equipment, the Sentinel has the capability to eliminate downtime while installing. The smaller form factor of the Sentinel IP Radio Gateway ensures valuable space in your server rack is not needlessly occupied. Utilizing Sentinel, IP connections between sites allow for advanced features such as peer-to-peer receiver voting, transmitter steering, and unit identification. When integrated with an InterTalk™ Enlite Dispatch Console, a small and very functional radio network can be built economically.

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NX-GEN-S LICENSED POINT-TO-POINT MICROWAVE RADIO – Digital Microwave Radio with a common IDU/MUX unit that can be paired with interchangeable indoor or outdoor mounted RF units from 400 MHz to 13 GHz with 64 kb/s to 155 Mb/s of throughput.

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The Trooper™ Max 5G FR1 antenna platform has been designed to PCTEL’s high quality and performance standards. Configurable and optimized for multiband applications, the platform is ideal for Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) and Public Safety applications because of the option to add Land Mobile Radio (LMR) connectivity through an external whip port. With a slender shark fin form factor, this antenna platform is recommended for installation on today’s leading Public Safety fleets. The Trooper Max antenna platform is compatible with the world’s leading cellular routers supporting 600 MHz to 6 GHz frequencies. It also covers Wi-Fi 6 frequency ranges.

• No tune, multi-band coverage – Dual LTE, 802.11ac WiFi, optional UHF whip, and GPS L1/GLONASS/Galileo/Beidou constellations
• Covers WiFi 6 frequency ranges
• Metal 5/8-inch stud mount – Provides single cable exit for installation ease
• IP67 compliant design – Maximum protection against water or dust ingress under severe environmental conditions
• Rugged, aerodynamic, and UV resistant black radome with slender sharkfin form factor – Supports demanding aesthetic requirements

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Radio Frequency Systems (RFS)

RFS DragonSkin: The ultimate protection for public safety communications

RFS DragonSkin keeps mission-critical public safety communications alive in burning buildings to save lives. This groundbreaking coaxial cable is engineered to go above and beyond other fire-resistant communications cables in multiple ways.

Meets the highest fire protection and safety standards

DragonSkin is the first in-building communications cable to be UL 2196-certified with no need for extensive wrapping, metal conduit or a fire-resistant enclosure. That means it is proven to pass radio frequency communications after being exposed to extremely high temperatures for two hours followed by water from a fire hose.


  • Meets NFPA 72 Survivability standards
  • Emits low-to-no smoke
  • Is CATVP plenum-certified for use in the environmental air handling space in buildings

Much faster and easier to install than other cables

Unlike other fire-resistant communications cables, you can install DragonSkin just like a regular coax cable. You can do this because DragonSkin is:

  • Thinner: DragonSkin is just .54 of an inch in diameter. Wrapped cables can be up to 8 inches in diameter, making them bulky, less flexible and harder to install.
  • Lighter weight: Because DragonSkin is thin and can be installed without extensive wrapping, metal conduit or an enclosure, it is much lighter weight than other cables with the same level of fire resistance.
  • More flexible: DragonSkin maintains a 7-inch bend radius at all times, so it’s always easy to pull through walls, even when retrofitting existing buildings.

Lower total cost of ownership

Because DragonSkin installations are so much faster and easier than other solutions, you save time, effort and money. And you can use standard RFS connectors so there’s no need to pay for, or learn to use, specialized connectors, tools or accessories.

Discover RFS DragonSkin: The UL 2196-certified standalone communications cable

Visit RFS online at and at IWCE in Booth 2437 and in the Product Showcase

Safe-Com Wireless

Safe-Com continues its innovation with advances in the state-of -the-art of NFPA BDAs and Fiber DAS.

Main features include:

- Easy Plug and play operation
- VHF, UHF, 700, 800 Integrated Multi-band
- Interlaced frequencies
- All in a compact NEMA Enclosure

NFPA All bands BDA and Fiber DAS

- Class A and/or Class B BDA
- Supports All Five Public Safety and Federal Bands + FirstNet
- Handles multi-band and interlaced frequencies
- Unlimited number of Remotes in any band or multiband
- Small Size : 12 x 15 or 19 x 18 inch, NEMA 4
- Very Low Power Consumption
- Unique front-end design, exceptional filtering
- FCC Certified, UL Listed, US designed and manufactured

Remote Annunciator

- Visual /Audible/Relay Alarm Annunciator
- Plug and play compatible with BDA or Fiber DAS
- Alarms and power over one CAT5 cable
- NFPA Monitored and Alarmed Points:

  • AC Power
  • Battery Charger
  • Battery Level
  • Power Amp(s)
  • Donor Antenna
  • System / BDA Alarm
  • Com Link to BDA monitoring
  • Audible Alarm triggered along with Visual LED
  • Form C Relay Outputs
  • 1000 foot cable distance (using 24 AWG)
  • Wall Mount NEMA4, Small Size : 6 x 4 x 3 inches

Visit Safe-Com in Booth 2625 and in the Product Showcase

SFC Energy Ltd.

Reliable, off-grid power is a challenge in any application. SFC Energy AG is a leading provider of hydrogen and direct methanol fuel cells for stationary and mobile hybrid power supply solutions. With more than 55,000 fuel cells sold worldwide to date, we are a sustainably profitable fuel cell producer. With continuous investments in research and development, we are constantly working on further expanding our technology leadership for mobile and off-grid energy solutions.
EFOY Pro Hybrid systems provide fully autonomous, sustainable, reliable and maintenance free, off-grid power solutions capable of handling the harshest environments. The EFOY Pro fuel cells are available in various performance categories, with outputs ranging from 45 W for small-scale power systems to a 500W module for telecommunications applications.
The EFOY Hydrogen Fuel Cell 2.5 supplements the extensive product portfolio of SFC Energy in the higher output range and supplies climate-neutral energy reliably, efficiently and without interruption. Outputs from 2.5 to 50 kW can be scaled individually. Operation and installation is very simple and produces no emissions. Making this technology a suitable alternative to emission producing combustion gensets.

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STI-CO Industries, Inc.

Gain Extraordinary Connectivity With STI-CO® Covert Multi-Band OEM Style Antenna

Mission Critical Antenna Systems - STI-CO® specializes in designing and manufacturing mission-critical antenna systems to keep teams safe and securely connected.

Extraordinary Connectivity - Superband® technology provides you with industry-leading bandwidth and performance. Offering frequency ranges of 130-174, 406-520, 760-870MHz our most popular OEM style antenna is equipped with an integrated module compatible with GPS/BEIDOU/Galileo/COMPASS.

Covert OEM Design - Looking for a covert OEM style antenna that won’t blow your cover? The new SKFN series are built to handle 100 watts and easily installs on most vehicles.

Leader in Multi-Band Technology - Available with our exclusive Flexi-Whip™ STI-CO® has a complete offering of multi-band technology for all your covert, public safety, and tactical needs.

Designed & Manufactured In The U.S.A - Proudly designed and manufactured in the United States we are committed to offering the highest quality, longest-lasting antenna systems on the market. All of our antennas are backed by an industry-leading 5-year warranty.

Contact Us - Call us today at 866-307-8426 or email us at [email protected]-co for more information on this antenna that can meet your fleet needs.

Visit STI-CO in Booth 2331 and in the Product Showcase

SyTech Corporation

SyTech RIOS – RADIUS 4 Port

Mission Critical Radio Interoperability Systems

The SyTech RADIUS 4 Port combines radio systems, computers, smartphones, crewstations and other devices within an all-in-one communications interface built for mission critical communications.

RADIUS connects to all types of two-way radios including radios from Motorola, Harris, Codan, Kenwood, iCom as well as PTT apps such as ESChat and WAVE. RADIUS converts radio traffic to IP, enabling computers, smartphones, crewstations and other IP devices to communicate as one.

RADIUS Gateways:  Gateways Designed for Your Environment

  • Simplified IP architecture
  • Linux-based operating system
  • One-time licensing without recurring subscriptions
  • Multicast enabled
  • Opus codec compression / TLS encryption
  • Motorola WAVE/Vocality interoperability
  • Front panel LED interface
  • Fast boot-up/immediate shutdown

RADIUS Dispatcher: Simplicity Meets Sophistication

Control of the RADIUS 4 Port is accomplished via the RADIUS Dispatcher Application. The RADIUS Dispatcher for Windows combines powerful administrative controls with the ease of use of RIOS cluster groups and user assigned channels.​

  • Communicate with radios, computers, smartphones & SyTech crewstations
  • Drag and drop assets to create RADIUS channels
  • Easy to use RIOS cluster groups & channels
  • Audio buffering, mixed audio, save and load presets
  • Enterprise-grade assignment of channels based on user profiles
  • Widearea networking with RADIUS multisite
  • Remote radio control for APX/XTL mobile radios

Visit SyTech Corporation in Booth 2337 and in the Product Showcase

Verizon Frontline

Verizon's Mission-Critical Push-to-Talk solution Group First Response announces new features to enhance interoperability: (1) Group Sharing, which allows agencies to share talkgroups across accounts, and (2) MCX Very Large Groups as large as 300,000 users. GFR provides Quality of Service, Priority and Preemption for PTT, Streaming Video, and Data.

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