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Conference: March 16-20, 2015
Exhibits: March 18-19, 2015
Las Vegas Convention Center • Las Vegas, NV
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IWCE Conference Program and ETA Annual Education Forum

IWCE's comprehensive conference program offers five days of workshops, short courses and training that provide unparalleled professional development opportunities.

For the 2015 show, IWCE will host the 2015 Electronics Technicians Association Annual Education Forum! Each year, more than 10,000 technical professionals receive certifications from the ETA's world-renowned technical certification program, in operation since 1978. Click here to learn more.

IWCE provides the foundation for the technology, operations, engineering and governance for your communications technology networks, systems and services.

The College of Technology

The College of Technology provides both introductory courses and technical workshops for any skill level or background. Whether you need fundamentals, just to brush up on what's new or in-depth training, these half-day and full-day workshops provide a strong foundation for your communications technology knowledge - from backhaul and test & measurement to project management and system planning.

NEW FOR 2015: College of Technology workshops will also be held on Friday in addition to Monday and Tuesday.

IWCE Short Courses

Short courses offer a flexibly way for you to take part of the conference program while attending the exhibit hall on Wednesday and Thursday. Learn valuable information on infrastructure, system planning, next-generation networks, broadband, hardware, applications, spectrum optimization and interoperability are all covered, as well as special sessions for specific attendee groups, and regulatory updates from leading associations.

Previous conference tracks and topics have included:

  • FirstNet
  • Next-Generation Networks and Systems
  • System Management and Infrastructure
  • Interoperability and Collaboration
  • Software and Applications
  • Spectrum and Signal Optimization
  • Case Studies and Best Practices
  • Topics specific to communications issues facing public safety, critical infrastructure, transportation, utilities and enterprise
  • Regulatory and policy discussions
  • Topics in a foreign-language like Spanish or Portuguese related to any of our major attendee groups

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ETA's Education Forum

ETA International is proud to provide training through outside vendors in popular technology areas related to ETA certification. ETA will provide opportunities to test in each area during IWCE, and will also offer a series of Short Courses. Training Courses include:

Fiber to the Antenna Monday, March 16 and
Tuesday, March 17
General Communications
Technician Level 1
Monday, March 16 and
Tuesday, March 17
General Communications
Technician Level 2
Monday, March 16 and
Tuesday, March 17
Distributed Antenna
Systems Training
Monday, March 16 and
Tuesday, March 17
Interference Hunting Monday, March 16 and
Tuesday, March 17
Associate Certified
Electronics Technician
Wednesday, March 18 and
Thursday, March 19
Fiber 1-2-3 Monday, March 16 –
Thursday, March 19

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About Electronics Technicians Association (ETA) International

Since 1978, ETA has issued over 150,000 professional certifications. ETA certifications are accredited through the International Certification Accreditation Council (ICAC) and align with the ISO-17024 standard. Widely recognized and frequently used in job selection, hiring processes, pay increases and advancements, ETA certifications are often required as companies bid on contracts. All ETA certifications are personal and travel with the individual, regardless of employment or status change and measure competencies of persons, not products or vendors.

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