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Conference: September 27-30, 2021
Exhibits: September 29-30, 2021
Las Vegas Convention Center, Las Vegas, NV
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Registration Slated to Open In April!

IWCE 2021 New Dates Announced!

We've been watching the world evolve since March 2020, and though we hoped we'd be in a safe position to reunite in person in Las Vegas for IWCE by March 2021, it's apparent that the world isn't quite there yet. 

That said, we are excited to announce that IWCE 2021 will take place September 27-30 with exhibits September 29-30. IWCE 2021 will be hard at work in the next nine months to bring you the conference and education you have come to depend on!

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Virtual Connections Critical Communications and Technology Learning Portal

We are excited to announce that our NEW online learning portal, Virtual Connections, is officially open! Register today for exclusive access to a variety of free, on-demand resources featuring content on:

  • Emergency Comms
  • Critical Infrastructure
  • Push-to-Talk
  • 5G
  • In-Building Wireless

Additional content includes interactive videos, white papers, podcasts, infographics and more.

Access the Virtual Connections learning portal now!

Smart City Projects to Inspire You

5 Projects Delivering Significant Results

Get the 5G Critical Communications report to understand how 5G will impact the industry.

Smart city development is on the rise—and for good reason! More cities are committed to smart city initiatives and have stepped up their investments in technology projects.

According to the IDC Worldwide Smart Cities Guide, these areas accounted for more than half of all smart cities spending in 2019.

Inside this report, you’ll find projects in 5 key areas

  • Autonomous Vehicles
  • Video Surveillance
  • Data Analytics
  • Emergency Communications
  • Drones

Download the Smart City Projects Report

Critical Communications Industry Insights Report

Key Issues and Tech Affecting the Critical Communications Industry

Get the highlights from 2019 International Wireless Communications Expo in Urgent Communication's eZine.

We surveyed system users from public safety, transportation, utilities, oil & gas, education, real estate/construction as well as others allied to the industry including consultants, dealers and distributors and manufacturers to understand the technology issues affecting the community.

In this exclusive report see how current tech is being used critical communications professionals and the challenges within the industry, including areas like:

  • 5G
  • FirstNet
  • Safe Cities / Smart Cities
  • Drones
  • Women in Tech

Download the Critical Communications Industry Insights Report

5G Critical Communications Report

Are You Ready for 5G?

Get the 5G Critical Communications report to understand how 5G will impact the industry.

The arrival of 5G raises a lot of questions for critical communications agencies. Download the 5G critical communications: Ready for duty? report created by our analyst partner Omdia to understand how 5G will impact the critical communications sector.

Learn about:

  • New capabilities 5G covers that 4G LTE doesn’t support
  • Why agencies shouldn’t skip on mission-critical LTE
  • How 5G can make a difference for emergency services operations
  • Next steps for emergency services agencies, network operations and equipment suppliers

IWCE Wrap-Up Report

Catch Up On The Latest Trends in The Critical Communications Industry!

Get the highlights from 2019 International Wireless Communications Expo in Urgent Communication's eZine.

The critical communications world continues to expand--in terms of both technologies and the sectors served. 

In 2019, IWCE returned to Las Vegas where Urgent Communications Editor Donny Jackson and his content team scoured the event to find the latest and most impressive gear and functionality.

The 2019 IWCE post-show eZine is your ultimate guide to last year's critical communications event. The wrap up includes articles, videos and more.

Click the image above and fill out the form to get access to our eZine!

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